Recommended Gifts for Valentine's Day 2008:
Name a Star for your Valentine
Send a Message in a Bottle
Give a real rose preserved in gold
Gold Roses Delivered -
*** Name a Star for Your Valentine
Forget about the traditional Valentine's Day gift of a greeting card, box of candy or flowers.
Show your Valentine you really care this year by buying them something different!

Gifts for your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, secret admirer.....
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Unique Gift Ideas for Mother's Day, Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Anniversary or Any Special Occasion
For your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, godmother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt or any special lady in your life
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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Custom Italian Charm Bracelets!
Plant a Tree for your Valentine's Day Gift
Flower of the Month Club
Roses preserved in 24kt gold!
Musical Red Rose
Gold Roses Delivered -
Valentine's Day Gift Baskets and Flowers
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Dan's Chocolates
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Name a Star for the Person that has Everything
Personalized Gifts
Personalized Gifts  
Heart Shaped Gifts
Gifts @ GoCollect!
Romantic & Adult Board Games
Valentine's Day is the day to tell your special someone that you really love them and appreciate them. We hope these ideas will help
you find a great Valentine gift for your guy or gal. Valentine's Day does not just have to be gift giving between lovers. You can make
any member of your family feel special. Buy a Valentine gift for your mother, mother-in-law, stepmother, grandmother, father, father-in-
law, stepfather, grandfather, brother, sister, niece, nephew, cousin, aunt, uncle, special friend, neighbor, teacher, nanny, babysitter or
anyone who is special to you.

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Do you need help thinking of a special Valentine phrase to place on a card or note?
Here are a few that we have seen that you might like to use:
Wishing you a day filled with happiness...because you've filled my life with love.
*Happy Valentine's Day*
Valentine's Day is a special time to give a hug and kiss...but, just between us, you can have them anytime you wish!
*Happy Valentine's Day*
To my Sweetheart on Valentine's Day..The laughter, the smiles and the tears, the memories we've shared through the years, a love on
which I can depend, my sweetheart, my forever friend
*Happy Valentine's Day*
I love you today and everyday is Valentine's Day when I am with you.
*Happy Valentine's Day*
It is a joy to share my heart with you!
*Happy Valentine's Day*
For my husband on Valentine's Day, Darling, words cannot begin to express how much I appreciate you for bringing a spark of
excitement, a touch of tenderness, the light of love to every day of my life
*Happy Valentine's Day*
Gift Ideas For ....
Gift Occasions ...
Client, Customer
Personal Assistant
In Memory
New Baby
Baby Shower
Breakup / Divorce
Job Promotion
Thank You
I'm Sorry
Get Well
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Drag & drop feature lets you see your bracelet before you buy it
All types of roses: gold, silver, crystal, porcelain, glass, soap, glazed,
shadowbox, chocolate ...Gold & Silver Roses for Special Anniversaries
Consenting adults, nookii, kama sutra, foreplay (game for lovers)
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Star in your own romance novel NAUGHTY VERSION available
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Musical 13" long stem rose that plays "Love Me Tender"
Valentine Gift Baskets
Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts: Poems, Flowers, Candy, Lingerie, Picture Frames, Jewelry & Perfume ...
candy, cookies bouquets, spa, romantic, gourmet, wine, spa, sports ...
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adult novelty candy - candy garter belts, chocolate tattoo sets, nostalgic candy & more ...
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Design your own Valentine Gift Basket!
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Personalized key rings featuring ceramic car emblem of your choice. All car makes available!
Also travel mugs, belt buckles, money clips, lighters & more!
Valentine Candy, Stuffed Bears & Gift Sets:
Valentine Flowers:
Valentine Jewelry:
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Message in a Bottle